See our coverage map to see which areas we service. If you are within one of those areas, one of our technicians can come out at no charge to do a site survey. We can assess the geographical area and inform you what it will take to get hooked up.

Typically, new customers can be hooked up within five business days of booking an appointment with us. Certain environmental factors may change this, or certain needs you may have in your location. (For example, if you need to have a pole erected to get a signal) The technician will require about 3 hours on site for a basic install.

A basic installation starts at $199.00 CAD. Additional charges may apply if additional height is required to pickup a Gotgeek signal. We do not charge for mileage or site surveys.

This includes mounting our equipment (generally to your rooftop), running 1 cable from our equipment to the room you wish to have your hook up reside in.

All the equipment is owned and maintained by GotGeek except for other third party hardware like Routers

For Home users the speeds start at 1 Mbps.

No, this is a wireless technology. The only cable we run is a Cat 5E/6 type cable from our external radio to your preferred location in your home.

There is no charge for extra computers to be connected. If this is a need you have, a Router can be installed to allow for additional computers to be hooked up. There is a charge for the router

The wireless radio can be plugged into a computer’s network card or GotGeek can install a wireless router to give you mobility within your home for your laptop or other wireless enabled device.

You can have up to 2 email addresses at no extra cost. Additional email addresses can be provided at a nominal fee.

The wireless radio handles all traffic both up and down.

No. A separate phone line is not required to make use of this service. If you have an additional phone line used for your existing dial-up connection you could eliminate that cost and cancel that service.

The customers get an “always on” technology and unlimited time on the internet for the normal monthly fee.

All customers have to sign the Acceptable Use Policy

At this time we accept cash, money orders, credit cards, and cheques. You can pay:
Over the phone using a credit card
By mail using a cheque
In person using any of the payment methods listed above at our Admin office located at #12-243 South Industrial Dr. Prince Albert, SK S6V7L7

No. There are business services available as well. Please contact us for more information.

Our service technicians stand ready to help you with any problems you may have. Many connection issues can be resolved over the phone. If not, one of our friendly on-site technicians will be happy to come to your home to troubleshoot the issue.

If the problem is with our equipment there is no charge. Otherwise, there is a service fee that will be applied if the problem is other than the equipment provided by GotGeek. Connections and cables that have been pulled or chewed by animals, willful damage and abuse, electrical surges, damage by severe storms are some of the items that shall be charged out as a service call to repair or change.


If you are unsure of what package you need or if you just want some help please get in touch with us today