High Speed Internet

Residential Plan (Based on Line of Sight and near line of sight) Wireless Broadband network currently starts at just $39.95 per month. Do more with your internet connection. Faster downloads, streaming audio and video content with speeds up to 100x faster than dial-up.

The service works by simply installing GotGeek equipment at your home which is directed to the nearest GotGeek tower. Once the receiver is connected to your home computer, you’re instantly connected.

  • Install starts at $180.00 based on geographical location and equipment needed. Promotions are availble in certain areas.
  • Service starts at 39.95 per month.
  • All prices are subject to applicable taxes.

Business Plan (Based on satisfactory site survey)
Business plans are available upon request. Contact us (306-764-3333) for details.

Download Acceptable Use Policy in PDF